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Updated: Jun 9


Hi, My name is Chris, and I would like to welcome you to my Website and Blog. I started as an operator about 20 years ago, Yes i know i don't look it; I'm young at heart. As a young kid, i was one of those geeks that liked to watch the machine working on site. Back then, all you saw on site was JCB 3CX and dumpers that you pulled a cable to release the skip that dropped the spoil out.

I was never good at school couldn't read or write. You might find some miss spelt words, or the grammar might be off as you read this. I struggled with writing, but I'm hoping if you were reading this, you might understand that yes, I'm a training provider, and yes, i should be cleverer than maybe i sound, but I'm like other machine operators out there. I wanted to better myself by becoming an operator, then becoming an instructor, and help others like me to be better.

I can relate to people very easily. So when i get a candidate who struggles to learn to use the machine or with reading and writing, i can help them, I don't judge, and learning is done either on a one-on-one basis or in very small groups. I Know that learning comes with time and the want to better yourself. Some people see a machine job as improving themselves, getting up the ladder and going from off the ground to mastering the art of being a plant operator. Anyway, if you are looking or thinking about becoming a machine operator, I would have a go. Someone told me once i would never make an operator, but I have proved them wrong. I'm here to show you how to master a machine.

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