N204 Forward-tipping Dumper (test)

Experienced worker test - Forward-tipping dumper

  • 2 hours
  • 280 British pounds

Service Description

🚧ACTIVITY GUIDELINES🚧 The learner must:- ✅ Bring own PPE: Boots, Hi-Visibility Vest, Hard Hat, Gloves. ✅Complete theory test + paperwork - 25 questions Practical test ✅ Complete all pre-start and running checks before any activity takes place ✅ Only complete the shutdown procedures at the end of the test ✅ All additional test requirements can be completed in any order ✅ Receive & transport loads The learner must: ✅ Travel up and down a gradient ✅ Stop and start on the gradient whilst travelling uphill ✅ Stop and start on the gradient whilst travelling downhill ✅ Manoeuvre through a chicane applying the full steering range in both forward and reverse direction (un-laden and laden) ✅ Travel over varying terrain ✅ Reverse the dumper (min 30m) in a straight line and through a restriction (un- laden and laden) ✅ Position the dumper for loading ✅ Receive a load Discharge loads ✅ Discharge the load over an edge or into an excavation (minimum 2 loads) ✅ Discharge the load to form a stockpile (minimum 2 loads) ✅ Ensure the load has been fully discharged and the skip is empty before receiving another load or completion of the test Shutdown procedures ✅The dumper must be parked in a safe position with the engine and isolator key removed and handed to the instructor Additional notes 👍Note for off-centre testing👍 👍 The operator’s manual must be accessible 👍 The dumper must be fitted with R.O.P.S. 👍 If the learner is tipping into an excavation the instructor can give guidance on the stopping distance 👍 If tipping over an edge a bund or stop block must be so constructed as to withstand the force applied by the dumper 👍 The slope must be of sufficient incline with manoeuvring room on the top to enable the learner to demonstrate the correct procedures for travelling up and down a gradient as per manufacturer’s recommendations ⏰Test timings Note The full test must be completed within 1hr 👍👍It is recommended that all learners completing basic training receive a minimum 7hr Health, Safety, Environment and Induction Training

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