N214 Road Roller

Experienced worker test : Ride on Roller

  • 2 hours
  • 280 British pounds
  • Wheldon Road

Service Description

Includes Theory session of 25 Questions 🚧ACTIVITY GUIDELINES🚧 👍 The learner must : ✅ Bring PPE ; Hard Hat, Boots, Gloves. ✅ All pre-start and running checks must be completed before any activity takes place ✅ The shutdown procedures must only be completed by the learner at the end of the test ✅ All additional test requirements can be completed over the period of the test duration Operator safety and observations ✅ Seat belt must be worn if stated in the employer’s risk assessment / method statement ✅ The roller must be serviceable and meet the current legislation Setting up to compact ✅ Prepare and set up the machine for compacting duties specifying the exclusion zone ✅ The rolling area must consist of a supported area (kerbs etc) and unsupported area (free running) Compacting tasks ✅ Compact a radius with supporting edge applying at least 3 passes ✅ Compact a straight run with supporting and un-supporting edges applying at least 3 passes ✅ Cones or other obstructions must be placed in the compacting area to simulate ironwork 🚧Shutdown procedures🚧 ✅ The roller must be parked in a safe position with the engine and isolator key removed and handed to the instructor Additional notes ✅ A verbal description to the instructor of the pre-start checks would be acceptable if the machine is hot ✅ The operator’s manual must be accessible ✅ The ride-on roller must be fitted with R.O.P.S. ✅ A rolling pass comprises of a compacting in one direction using the dead rolling method and returning on the same path using the vibratory system ✅ An overlap will comprise of no more than one quarter of the width of the compacting drum ✅ Compaction must take place as close to the supported area as practicable depending on the material used ✅ The straight run to be compacted must be no less than 15m in length with a sufficient hard standing at one end ✅ The width of the area must be no less than 4 x the width of the drum of the roller to be used ✅ The radius must have a curve of 5-10m ✅ The material used must clearly show areas that have been compacted, overlapped and any direction change.

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