N402 Slinger / Signaller

N402 Slinger / Signaller (Experienced worker test) NPORS/CSCS

  • 2 hours
  • 360 British pounds
  • Wheldon Road

Service Description

ACTIVITY GUIDELINES The learner must:- ✅ The learner must identify 1 serviceable and 2 unserviceable lifting accessories i.e. webbing sling, wire rope, lifting chains and / or shackles ✅ The learner must identify 2 lifting equipment / lifting accessory certifications that do not meet current legislation and 1 lifting equipment and lifting accessory certification that does meet the current legislation ✅ Carry out test lift prior to lifting any load ✅ Lift load 1: Lift load from ground level and land in a designated place out of sight of the operator and detach the lifting accessories. Guide the lifting equipment away from the load for at least 90° and return before re-attaching and landing the load at its original place and remove all lifting accessories ✅ Lift load 2: Lift load from ground level, guide to a maximum radius of the lifting equipment, slew for at least 180° and land in a designated place at mid radius and remove lifting accessories ✅ Lift load 3: Lift from ground level, guide to a minimum radius of the lifting equipment, slew for at least 180o changing the radius and land at a designated place and remove lifting accessories Additional notes and specifications ✅ At least 2 different types of lifting accessories must be used to lift loads on the test i.e. chain sling, webbing sling, wire rope, D shackle, bow shackle etc ✅ All loads must be landed within 100mm of designated landing point ✅ Both radio communication and hand signals must be used when lifting load 1 ✅ The designated landing position for load 1 must be completely out of sight of the lifting machine operator ✅ Load 3 must be slung using a double choke hitch ✅ All hand signals shall conform with BS7121 part1:2006 ✅ When moving loads 1, 2 and 3 the slinger signaller must keep control of the load via a guide / tag line that is secured by a shackle or a device that cannot inadvertently become disconnected ✅ The guide / tag line must be of sufficient length, free of knots and in good condition ✅The full test must be completed within 1hrs 20min The test can be done on centre or off centre. NOTE: If you requre pre n test please book this test for the afternoon and the prep for the morning. If you do not pay full amout online a deposit of 20% is required please text or call 07540652477

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